We live in an almost self-sufficient neighborhood all within a short walk of a few minutes.
Next door to our west is the Provident Professional Building, a two-storied building with a good number of offices. There are several dental clinics and a dental laboratory. A couple of technology companies are running their business in the building and as well a couple of property management companies. Alternative medicine is being practiced here including life style, wellness and traditional Chinese medicine. There is a chiropractics practice and a specialized medical clinic. Other professional services include accounting, law and psychology. Our local MLA has his office right here where we can bring our concerns of provincial affairs.
Further west in our city block is the Shaganappi Village with some twenty five establishments. There are two gas stations, one has a car wash and the other provides mechanical services. There is a Chinese restaurant and a steak house serving delicious meals. We can do our banking here, get our eyes examined and purchase eye glasses or get our teeth fixed. There is a meat store, an ethnic grocery store and an organic supermarket. If you need a place to relax and meet friends, there is an upscale coffee shop. For those who are fitness minded, there is a place to practice yoga. If you are a wine connoisseur, there is a wine store with a wide collection. If your pets need care, there is a veterinary clinic. There is also a law office in addition to the one in the Provident Professional Building. For soccer aficionados, there is a sports store. You can do your dry cleaning or send a parcel by courier. There is a clothing store for ladies and one for children. There is a thrift store with an adjacent donation centre. You can get your hair done or book vacations. If you need furniture, there is a store for you. There is a chiropractics office which also offers massage therapy. For those who are interested in alternative medicine, there is homeopathy. In case you are now convinced that the Varsity Towers is a good place to live, there is a real estate office right here to offer its services.
Across the street on the south side is a 24-hour convenience store.
On the north side across the street is the Varsity Plaza. There are three fast food outlets. You can get your nails done here, or have your shoes repaired. If you have back problems, there is a place for you to seek help. If you want to make your own brews, there is a store that sells kits. To make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities, you can shop your insurance in a local agency.
To the east of the Varsity Plaza is a church where you can seek spiritual guidance.
Then we are within walking distance to the Varsity Community Centre. Many recreational activities are organized here, such as dance lessons, bridge, cribbage and others for all ages. The Centre publishes an official newsletter twelve times a year to inform the residents in the area of its activities.
In our own North Tower there are providers of psychological services, consultants for the oil and gas industry. There are three investment and financial services companies, a mortgage company and an employment agency. To round it up, there is a spa.
So you see, we are really living in a self-sufficient environment.