Varsity was developed in the 1960s and early 1970s. The area was farmland before. Most of the single family houses in this area were built in the early sixties.
The three buildings of the Varsity Towers were built in the late seventies. They provided popular rental accommodation because of its convenient location with two strip malls right next door. Also, it is adjacent to the Shaganappi Trail, an important component of the Calgary trail system, and the TransCanada Highway is only minutes away. Market Mall, a major shopping centre of Calgary, was already in existence since 1971, as was our next door neighbour, the Varsity Square Apartments. In the beginning of the two thousands, the Varsity Towers was ready for a facelift and conversion into condominiums. A forty million dollars redevelopment project was under way, beginning first with the North Tower, then the Centre Tower and finally it ended in 2004 with the South Tower. The facelift was very comprehensive, including replacing almost everything inside the units with luxurious items such as solid wood cabinets and granite countertops in the kitchen. Jacuzzi tubs were installed in the bathrooms. Extensive landscaping was done in the two courtyards between the buildings. Mature trees and shrubs were planted, and manicured lawns were laid. Tranquility reigns in these beautiful gardens. Other new amenities include a bright and cheery indoor swimming pool on the main floor of the North Tower. More recently, additional upgrades have been done, including new elevators, new rooftops and new building envelops.
All told there are 175 units with some occupied by commercial establishments in the North Tower. There are fifteen different floor plans in the residential units, ranging from one with 854 sq.ft., our smallest, to a penthouse suite of 1,949 sq.ft. After almost ten years of redevelopment, we are now a mature community with a majority being owner residents.